Hifiman EF6

Hand-built by HiFiMAN craftsmen, the new EF-6 flagship headphone amplifier provides audiophile quality for the most demanding listeners. Fit and finish hint at the amplifier’s exceptional performance under the hood. EF6 is a hi-end headphone amp with very powerful output. EF6 can also work as a world-class pre-amplifier. The EF-6 the clear choice for discriminating music lovers seeking a no-compromise headphone amplifier yet priced well below units with comparable performance.
Giá bán : 29,000,000   đ
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Tổng quan

Why buy a headphone amp?

High-performance headphones need high-quality amplification to perform up to their full potential. If you connect them directly to the headphone jack on your computer, iPod®, or stereo receiver, you may be disappointed. A separate headphone amplifier sends a stronger, cleaner signal to your headphones.

HiFiMAN EF-6 front angled view

Reference-quality performance for your best headphones

HiFiMAN's flagship EF-6 headphone amplifier provides audiophile sound quality for the world's most demanding headphones — and headphone listeners. Weighing in at an astonishing 24 pounds (more than many home receivers!), this "tank" of an amp delivers enough power to drive virtually any cans with ease. It makes an especially fine match with HiFiMAN's own planar magnetic models, including the HE-6. If you're looking for no-compromise, reference-quality amplification to bring out the full potential of your best headphones, the EF-6 is a clear winner.

The strong, silent type

The EF-6's first-class fit and finish go hand-in-hand with exceptional performance under the hood. Its thick aluminum faceplate forms a strong frame around the amp's precision, custom-built volume control. The EF-6 powers up your music using pure Class A MOSFET amplification — an amp design long valued by audiophiles for its tonal purity and open sound. An ultra-low noise floor ensures your music springs to life from a dead-silent background with powerful dynamics and lushly rendered detail. You'll clearly hear every thrilling note — from a deep, powerful electric bass run, to the delicate, woody overtones of a marimba, to the natural brassy ring and slow decay of a crash cymbal.

HiFiMAN EF-6 back panel

Versatile connections for your headphones and your system

To accommodate a wide variety of headphones, the EF-6 offers both 4-pin balanced and standard 1/4" jacks with a unique locking design to keep your cans firmly connected at all times. In addition to its outstanding performance with headphones, the EF-6 can also double as a preamp to create a simple, high-quality sound system. You can connect up to three audio components using the rear-panel RCA inputs or front-panel 1/8" minijack connector, then connect the EF-6's preamp outputs to the amp and speakers of your choice. A front-panel switch lets you choose between sources, while the volume control adjusts signal output to your preferred listening levels — ideal for matching the volume to your music and mood.

Thông tin sản phẩm

Volume:                                       Hand-made Step Attenuator

Power Supply Design:                  CLC filter

Weight:                                        about 24 lb (10.75 KG)

Dimensions:                                 0.03% (1w and 1KHz)

THD:                                           95 DB

S/N:                                            Class A

Max Output:                                5W at 50 Ohm



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