Hifiman EF5

Những Audiophile với các headphone high-ed có trở kháng cao hay độ nhạy thấp, chắc chắn sẽ hài lòng với Hifiman EF5. Dải động rộng, độ méo tiếng thấp làm EF5 trở thành một trong những headamp thành công nhất trên thị trường ngày nay. 
Giá bán : 10,000,000   đ
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Why buy a headphone amp?

High-performance headphones need high-quality amplification to perform up to their full potential. If you connect them directly to the headphone jack on your computer, iPod®, or stereo receiver, you may be disappointed. A separate headphone amplifier sends a stronger, cleaner signal to your headphones.

Get the most out of your high-performance headphones

Just like great speakers, top-notch headphones need high-quality power in abundance to perform their best. Give them what they crave with the HiFiMAN EF-5. This hybrid vacuum tube/solid state headphone amplifier dishes out the kind of juice that can drive even the most power-hungry cans. You'll hear dynamic, detailed sound with the warmth and clarity of tubes, plus the added bass punch and slam of solid state power. Its wide bandwidth, low distortion, and high signal-to-noise ratio make the EF5 the clear choice for discriminating music lovers.

hifiman ef-5 back

Unique two-box design

The EF-5's dual-chassis configuration uses a separate outboard power supply that helps isolate noise and interference from the amplification circuitry. The amplifier chassis sports a clear plexiglass top and tube cage that protects the dual triode 12AU7 input stage and solid state outputs while allowing you to admire its tidy, well-crafted interior. The two pieces can be placed side-by-side, or stacked to save space. Any way you use it, this is one cool-looking, fantastic-sounding headphone amp you'll be proud to show off.

Thông tin sản phẩm

Opamp: OPA275

Tube:Tianjin fullmusic tube

Frequency Response:20-30K Hz

THD+N:less than 0.2%

S/N:more than 95dB

Input impedance:50K Ohm

Output impedance:2–2K Ohm headphones

Output signal strength:                          up to 15 Volts at 32 Ohm

Input:                                                        RCA*1

Output:                                                    1/4 headphone jack*1

Weight:                                                    6lb (include packing)

Accessories:                                             12AU7 tube, DY-1 power supply, compatible from 110v to 240v


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